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Bag Frame Tote Lawn/Leaf Bag Holder


Make leaf collecting and transporting a breeze with the Bag Frame Tote. A paper leaf bag tends to fall over in the wind, making your leaf cleanup take much longer as you rake the leaves again and again. Our Bag Frame Tote solves this problem by giving a leaf bag a sturdy frame that holds it in place.  The clips on the top keep the bag open eliminating the need for an extra pair of hands.  The Bag Frame Tote is collapsible for easy storage.  You will be hard pressed to find a better leaf/lawn bag holder. (leaf press not included)

Product Description

Benefits of The Bag Frame Tote

  • Keeps yard bags upright
  • Holds yard bags open
  • Reinforces wet paper bags
  • Simplifies transport of yard bags
  • Collapsible
  • Easy storage

How It Works

The Bag Frame Tote is designed to fit around a paper leaf bag. The sturdy metal framework and tough material will hold and support the paper bag as you work. To use it, simply place an empty leaf bag inside the leaf bag holder and fill it with raked leaves. When the bag is full, loosen the Velcro straps and remove the leaf bag. When you’re ready to use it again, refasten the Velcro straps and add a new leaf bag.

Transporting Leaves

While a paper leaf bag easily becomes wet and weakens at the bottom, this lawn bag holder maintains its strength in tough weather conditions. You can drag it around the yard to bring your leaf bag to the curb or compost pile. This method is much easier and faster than filling wheelbarrows or trying to drag leaves on tarps. And its lightweight design makes leaf collecting a one-person job anyone can do.

Works with our Other Helpful Products

If you’re looking for an easier way to fill your leaf bag, try our Mighty Hands to pick up large amounts of leaves and easily add them to the frame tote.



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