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60″ Leaf Tote Leaf Pickup Tool


The 60″ Leaf Tote is an amazing leaf pickup tool.  It’s the big sister of the 34″ Leaf Tote.  Collecting raked leaves is no chore at all with this ingenious tool.  If you normally use bags to collect leaves, you know that they’re difficult to rake leaves into.  You may have even tried using a tarp to speed up the process, but a tarp takes more than one person to to do the job.  You’ll find your leaf gathering job is much easier with the sturdy frame and open design of our Leaf Tote ,and it only takes one person.  Get your Leaf Tote today!


Product Description

The Leaf Tote leaf pickup tool is great for composting leaves!

If you compost your leaves, you know that gathering leaves and hauling them to your compost pile is the majority of your job.  The Leaf Tote makes leaf gathering and removal a breeze.  Check out the video above. How It Works With its flat bottom surface and open top, you can rake leaves right onto the leaf tote, where its sturdy metal frame and durable material will hold the leaves in place. When you’re finished using it, quickly and easily disassemble it and it won’t take up much space in a garage or shed. This leaf gather tool allows you to collect large amounts of leaves and transport them all at once. This can greatly cut down your work time compared to using a wheelbarrow or other methods, by as much as 75 percent. Transporting Leaves When the Leaf Tote is full, grab the straps by their handles and drag the lightweight tote behind you. When you reach your destination, simply grab the frame and tip the leaves out. This leaf gathering tool makes leaf collecting and transporting a simple job for one person. Unlike a plastic garbage bag that can snag and tear, or a paper leaf bag that can rip or weaken with moisture, this tote is made with resilient materials that can withstand weather conditions and dragging across uneven surfaces. Unlike the one-time use bags, you can use this tote again and again. This tool must be added to your arsenal of leaf pickup tools!


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