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In fall of 2007, 78 year old inventor Chuck Clevenger was struggling to clean up the leaves in his yard.  Living in a neighborhood with a great deal of trees, this was a large task.  While loading lawn bags with leaves, they would often fall over, spilling leaves back onto the lawn. Transporting leaves was also an arduous task.

Loading wheelbarrows was time consuming and tarps required multiple people to pull.  Chuck created a set of tools to make the job easier.  After using these tools for about two years, it was time to share the benefits with society.  This is when Chuck decided to start Amazing Yard Tools.  Our mission is to make it easier to remove leaves and other yard waste with as little effort as possible.

We take the work out of yard work!

Having trees is nice, however fall means you will have to either pay big money or put in a lot of work to clean up. Many people hire a leaf removal service in order to save time, but this can be very costly. Doing it yourself can be fun and easy if you have the right tools.  Amazing Yard Tools has solutions to your yard waste problems!

The Leaf Tote Leaf Removal Tool

The Leaf Tote  allows the user to easily transport leaves across your yard and dump them.  Now one person can easily rake and transport leaves across their yard with little effort.  The Leaf Tote is extremely helpful in communities where there is curb side leaf pickup or for those who like to compost their leaves.  FREE SHIPPING!



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The Mighty Hands Leaf Scoops

The Mighty Hands allow you to pick up 4 – 5 times more leaves then with your bare hands.  Mighty Hands are made with sturdy material, designed to last longer then other brands.  FREE SHIPPING!


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The Bag Frame Tote Leaf Bag Holder

Don’t you hate it when your trying to fill your leaf/lawn bags up and they fall over?  The Bag Frame Tote make loading leave into bags easy.  You can also easily transport your full leaf bags to the curb.  FREE SHIPPING!


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The Mighty Tote

800-mighty-toteNow you can move heavy objects across your yard with ease.  No need to pick up heavy items like logs, simply roll them onto The Mighty Tote and transport them anywhere in yard.  FREE SHIPPING!

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photo 2With a tool for each member of the family, everyone can join in and have fun while cleaning up the yard!

Made in the USA!  Our products are assembled right here in Zeeland, Michigan

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